We provide different options to fit the needs of our customers.

Upload and Download speed can be customized.

Our attractive packages can be customized to suit your every want and need that will give you access to the connection you desire.

Our Featured Bundles

4mb - R399

Used for basic Internet usage, emails and WhatsApp only.

6mb - R499

Used for basic internet searches, emails, WhatsApps, watching youtube and online studies.

8mb - R599

Used for online streaming and only Netflix. Dstv and showmax requires a fatser internet speed.

10mb - R699

Used for Showmax, DSTV and gaming.

12mb - R799

15mb - R899

20mb - R1299

Used for businesses.


Montagu - R2900

Barrydale - R3600

Ashton - R3600

Robertson - R3600

Bonnievale - R3600